Deborah Usdin, born Levenshtein ( Levinshtein, Loewenstein)
Дебора Уздина/ Левeнштейн (

Deborah Usdin, born Levinshtein

Deborah was born to Hirsh, son of Abram Levinshtein and Sima, daughter of Abram Friedberg( registered in Goldingen) on November 13 of 1915 (November 1 according to the Julian calender) in Libava, also Libau (now Liepaja). 

Deborah's father, Hirsh, also Grigory was born on December 28, 1888 in Goldingen. During the war he was in the Riga ghetto, then in KZ Kaunas. He perished in Dachau on August 1, 1944.

3494/Ha    LÖWENSTEIN, Hirsch
     28 Dec 1894
Libau     Riga
Gogolstr.     84563
Sch. Lett. J.     01 Aug 1944 v. Kauen
gest. 15 Dec 1944

Her mother,Sima born in 1887 in Liepaja, was in Riga before the war, then in the Riga ghetto.Probably murdered.
Deborah had at least
 Two brothers:
- Abram- Nathan, born on June 13, 1920 in Liepaja. In 1941 he was single. Fate in 1941- 1945: ghetto of Riga.
- Benno, born on June 29, 1922.In 1941 he was single. Fate in 1941- 1945: ghetto of Riga?.
 Two sisters:
- Sarah, born on November 10, 1913 in Liepaja. In 1941 she was unmarried. Fate unknown.
- Tila, born on November 14, 1923 in Riga. She was a Railway worker and unmarried.Fate: Riga ghetto.

Deborah Usdin's birth record

Deborah Levinshtein' birth record

She was married to Leib USDIN, son of Israel-David Usdin, son of Schlioma Usdin, son of Leib Usdin,who was my Great Great Grand father Yankel's brother.Her mother was Haja- Merka,born on March 15 of 1887 in Vishki . She was a daughter of Itzik Golansky (Golandsky) and his wife Hana.
Haya-Merka Usdin,Leib 's mother, was killed in 1941 at the age of 57.

 Before the Second World War Deborah and Leib lived in Riga at Gogola Street 8/10, apt. 20. Leib’s occupation – shopkeeper. Deborah was an accountant.

Deborah Usdin's passport

Deborah Levinshtein's Passport

Leib was struck off the house register on October 28 of 1941, not stated where, obviously to ghetto. Leib together with his brother Schliomo worked at Aizpute Torfwerk and was still alive in October of 1943. The book „Kniga spaseniya” of Leonid Koval (2. vol., page 64) contain information that brothers Usdin working at Aizpute Torfwerk escaped in 1943, they have hidden but were arrested and killed.

Deborah was evacuated to Kazakhstan(Andijanskaya district) in 1941/1942.I guess she survived.

Deborah Usdin's passport

Deborah Levinshtein's passport

Card File of Jewish Refugees in Tashkent for Deborah Usdin

Other Levenshtein in Liepaja:

- 1886. August 6, birth of Mera, daughter of Adolf (or Aron) Levenshtein and Doris Abramsohn. Raduraksti. Page 117. N° 95.
- 1887. May 4, birth of Srol- Arie, son of  Isai Kagan and Rebekka Levenshtein. Raduraksti. Page 164. N° 53.
- 1887. June 11, birth of Liba, daughter of Itzik Levenshtein from Libava and Khaya Linde. Raduraksti. Page 176. N° 58.
- 1887. September 3, birth of  David, son of  Volf Lazarovich from Matzkov and  to Sarah Levenshtein. Raduraksti . Page 185. N° 97.
- 1887. December 8, birth of Samuil, son of  Mikhail Ledzin and Mariasha Levenshtein. Raduraksti . Page 197. N° 129.
- 1888. March 3, birth of  Behr, son of  Leib Dinsohn from Salant and Hinda Levenshtein. Raduraksti. Page 214. N° 26.
- 1888. April 13, birth of Khiessa, daughter of  Itzik Levenshtein, coachman from Libava and Bella Maimin.Raduraksti. Page 220. N° 32.
- 1888. June 13, birth of Yakov, son of  Aron Levenshtein and Deborah Abramsohn. Raduraksti. Page 230. N° 63.
- 1888. October 23, birth of Feiga, daughter of  Bera Neiman, watchman and Rakhil Levenshtein. Raduraksti. Page 248. N° 93.
- 1889. January 19, birth of  Ruvin, son of  Isai Levenshtein, from Piltene and Gitel Epstein. Raduraksti. Page 6. N° 9.
- 1889. June 16, birth of Dveira, daughter of  Isai Kagan, shoemaker from Jarvin and Rivka Levenshtein.Raduraksti. Page 27. N° 55.
 Raduraksti. Page 35. N° 71.
- 1889. October 6, birth of  Aron, son of  Hirsh Tint, from Latzkov and Sarah Levenshtein.Raduraksti. Page 49. N° 110.
- 1889. November 11, birth of  Isidore son of  Abram Levenshtein, merchant from Piltene and Maria Verekbovski. Raduraksti. Page 47. N° 122.
- 1890. January 4, birth of Abram, son of Mikhel Ledzin and Mariiana Levenshtein.
- 1890. February 2, birth of  Rakhil, daughter of  Itzik Levenshtein, coachman and Bella Meiman.
- 1890. May 15, birth of Malka, daughter of David Baskin, tinsmith and Miriam Levenshtein.
- 1891. March 23, birth of Khana- Lea, daughter of  Itzak Levenshtein, trader and Khaya Lind.
- 1891. April 28, birth of Moisey, son of Abram Izaakovich Levenshtein, merchant and Maria, daughter of Moisey  Verbianski.
- 1891. July 15, birth of Ita, daughter of Shaya Leibovich Kagan and Riva Levenshtein.
- 1893. August 21, birth of  Braina, daughter of Abram Nathanovich- Berelovich Levenshtein, coachman and Rala Itzikovna Brinkenhof.
- 1893. October 1, birth of Braina, daughter of  Leib Izraelovich Nathansohn, coachman and Khaya Leibovna Levenshtein.
- 1893. October 16, birth of Elya- Markus, son of Mendel Izakovich Shwartz, tailor and Ester-Nesa Shlomovna Levenshtein.
 - 1915. August 24. Birth of Isaak to  Zalman, son of Itzik Friedman and Basa, daughter of Abram Levenshtein.

Other Friedberg in Liepaja:

- 1886. November 14, birth of Josif to Hirsh Friedberg and  Rakhil, born Jakobsohn. Raduraksti . Page 121. N° 122.
- 1886. November 24, birth of Nokhum to Josif Friedberg from Grobina and Sarah, born Traugut. Raduraksti .Page 123. N° 125.
- 1888 . April 25, birth of Jakov- David to Samuil Baier from Keidan and Hinda Friedberg. Raduraksti. Page 222. N° 43.
- 1888. June 16, birth of  Khana- Lea, daughter of Behr Friedberg, from Grobina and Rala Mikhalovski. Raduraksti. Page 230. N° 60.
- 1889. January 22, birth of  Sarah- Khana, daughter of Aron Fletlin,tailor from Borisov and Ita Friedberg. Raduraksti. Page 9. N° 12.
- 1889. February 8, birth of  Jokhonon, son of  Hirsh Friedberg, dyer from Grobina and Rakhil Yakobsohn.Raduraksti. Page11. N° 21.
- 1889. July 10, birth of  Judis, daughter of Behr Friedberg and Rala Mikhalovski.Raduraksti. Page31. N° 62.
- 1889. August 17, birth of  Abram- Meier, son of Noson- Nota from Illukste and Ida- Gita Friedberg.Raduraksti. Page37. N° 89.
- 1889. September 3, birth of Gershon- Abraam, son of  Shmuil- Yosif Bauer, shop- assistant from Keidan and Hinda Friedberg. Raduraksti. Page40. N° 94.
- 1889. November 21, birth of  Leib, son of Yosif Friedberg from Grobina and Sarah Treigut. Raduraksti. Page50. N° 132.
- 1891. March 3, birth of  Gutman, son of Hirsh Friedberg and Rokhel  Jakobsohn

According to "The Jewishgen" :

Hirsh, son of Abraham was enlisted in 1871 at the age of 54 in Kuldiga. Info from The Jewishgen.[reccorr]reccorr
Abram was, may be, the son of Yosel, who died in 1867 in Kuldiga.
From Courland Enlistment Registers and Family Lists 1845 - 1874

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