The 1897 Census of all Russias
Shosseinaya st( Щоссейная ул, now 18 Novembra iela). The brewery factory of Efraim Mikhelevich and Menashe Mikhelevich  Katzen( пивоварная фабрика). Corner Shosseinaya and  Kovenskaya( Ковенская ул, now Kauņas iela).  Corner Shosseinaya and  Vilenskaya( Виленская ул, now now Andreja Pumpura iela).  Corner Shosseinaya and Vitebskaya( Витебская ул, now ?). The prison fortress(  тюремный замок). Mitavskaya st(  Митавская ул, now Jelgavas iela). Jewish hospital and almhouse( Eврейская больница и богадельны)
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Part 7
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In 1887-1888 under the project chief architect of the city,William Neimanis was built the Jewish Hospital of  Dinaburg on Shoseinaya st, 39.
The two wings of the gate in the classical style went out on Shosseinaya st. In 1913 in the courtyard for the hospital built a new two-storey building of red brick.
 In the 1920-1930-ies in these buildings housed the Municipal Hospital of Daugavpils. During the Second World War, the main building burned down .
After the war,  the remains were demolished . The buildings were occupied by the police. Source( in Russian). On the right: the prison.

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