О родившихся в Риге в 1861 г.
Births in Riga in 1861.
Naissances a Riga en 

from this site Translitteration and translation made by Christine Usdin
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All the dates are from the Julian calendar.Add 12 days to find the date on the Gregorian calendar(Western calendar)

The original building of the House of the Blackheads was constructed during the fourteenth century. It was created for the Brotherhood of the Blackheads Guild. This was a guild that was developed for foreign merchants that were not married in Riga. During the years 1580 and 1886, most of the ornamentations were added to this building. In 1941, the building was bombed by the Germans and went under reconstruction throughout 1995 to 1999.

List of names. Inhabitants of Riga from 1854 to 1909.

Rabbi : Dr.Abraham Neumann (director of the first Jewish school in Riga)
The 1861 records are in German

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