О родившихся в Риге в 1855 г.
Births in Riga in 1855.
Naissances a Riga en 1855.

from this site Translitteration and translation made by Christine Usdin
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All the dates are from the Julian calendar.Add 12 days to find the date on the Gregorian calendar(Western calendar)

Riga in circa 1855 and the Riga stock exchange old building, built in 1852/ 1855( now it is the Art Museum).

Rabbi : Dr.Abraham Neumann (director of the first Jewish school in Riga) 
Page Record


Place Year Date of birth Date of circumcision Surname Surname
Given name Father's name Father's patronymic Occupation    of the father
Father's place
of registration
Surname in cyrillic Mother's
first name
Mother's place
of registration
4 1 Riga 1855 31/12/1854 7/01/1855
ЗЛОТИН Leib Abram not stated Master Riga
not stated
- Sora- Dobra Rafael
not stated Abel USCHISKIN from Vitebsk
2 Riga 1855 31/12/1854 7/01/1855 PEISAKH
ПЕЙСАХ Juda- Leib David- Eliash not stated Tailor
Shavel uyezd
МАРКУЗЕ Rokhel -
not stated The Melamed Mendel RAPOPORT from Chashniki, Vitebsk gub. Belarus
3 Riga 1855 2/01/1855 9/01/1855 LEVI
ЛЕВИ Adolf/ Abram/ Elkhon Julius/ Osher not stated Cigar maker Riga JAKOBSOHN
ЯКОБСОН Helena/ Lea -
not stated Hilel SIF from Rossian
77 birth records.
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