The 1897 Census of all Russias
Ludzinskaya st( Люцинская ул, now Ludzas iela). Corner Ludzinskaya and Varshavskaya st( Варшавская ул, now  Varšavas iela). Corner Ludzinskaya and  Vilenskaya( Виленская ул, now now Andreja Pumpura iela). Corner Ludzinskaya and Kovenskaya( Ковенская ул, now Kauņas iela).

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Part 15
Page 2

The lead foundry
One of the first
industrial enterprises in Varshavskaya st was the lead foundry, opened probably in 1883 in the buildings № 28. The owners in 1896 were Meier Abramovich Reiser and his son  Josel Meierovich Reiser. The company still exists today.

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