Dr. Philipp Isaak Keilmann
Др. Филлип Изак Кейльман
Riga. 1827/29- 1903

           Philipp Isaak Keilmann in 1857 and 1886

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The first Keilmann, named Elias Abram Keylman was born ca. 1742 in a town in Courland and dies 1825 in Schlock near Riga. He was the son of Rabbi Awerbuck / Abram, who took the family name Keyl (e)man, in honor of his late wife Keyla / Keile. Elias Abram Keilman had two sons: Feibus/Feiwush Elias Keilman (born 1773 in Schlock/Sloka, dies 1826 in Riga ) and Noa Elias ( nee 1781 in Schlock/Sloka, dies 1829 in Riga ). The carrier Feibus/Phoibus Elias Keilmann was married with Blume Ezechiel (b. 1797, d. 1860 in Krakow, Poland). Blume was a daughter of the censor and Rabbi Moses Ezechiel.
Feibus Elias Keilman was the Shtadlan of the jewish community of Sloca/Schlock.
Their children were:
- Marcus Keilmann ( nee 1797 in Schlock/Courland, dies January 10, 1875 in Riga)
- Itzig/Isaak Feibus Keilmann ( nee 1800 in Schlock, dies between 1855/1868 in Riga)
Jette Keilmann ( nee 1805 )
- Terze ( Terese ? ) Keilmann ( nee 1810, married 1834,dies ? ).

Isaak Feibus Keilmann worked as an Expeditor and Commis in Riga, Courland and Lithuania. Isaak Feibus was married ( ca. 1820 in Riga ) with Jette Henriette Hinde Cohn ( nee 1808, dies January 1, 1893 in Riga ). Theire childreen were:

- Rebeca ( nee 1822, dies ? )

Philipp Isaak Keilmann ( nee April 27 1827/29 in Riga, married
          * 1st wife . Dec. 19, 1855 in Riga with Henriette Hode , the daughter of the merchant Bentzion Kretschmann , from Mitava. ( marriage record. Page15).

Collegienrath Dr. med. Philipp ben Isaak Keilmann with
 wife Henriette and son Isidor, Riga 1857

                                            Painted marriage picture: Dr. Philipp Keilmann and his wife Henriette, nee Kretschmann, Riga 1856.
                                        Henriette Hode Keilmann, nee Kretschman, Riga 1878

Dr. Philipp Keilmann, Henriette Hode,
nee Kretschmann and their children Isidor,
 Alexander and Victori- Henriette

- Friederika ( nee 1832, dies ? )
- Wilhelmine Minne Mindel ( nee 3.5.1835 in Riga, married March 18 1860 in Riga with the railway official Jacob David Kantorowitz, dies 1914 in St. Petersburg? )

Wilhelmine Henriette(Minne Mindel) Isaakovna Kantorowitz, geb. Keilmann and her husband, the railway official Jakob Davidov Kantorowitz .
Riga 1889

Alexandra/Shasche Sara ( nee 1840 in Riga, married Nov. 27. 1864 in Riga with Nikolai Elchone Aron Lissner-Hirschfeld, d. 1919 in Riga )

Alexandra Isaakovna Hirschfeld, Lissner, nee Keilmann.               Riga ca. 1880.         

Marriage record of  Nikolai/ Elkan Aronovich Hirshfeld
 and Schasche/ Sarah Isaakovna Keilmann.
Officiant: Rabbi Rivlin. Dowry: 2000 Silver rubles


The family foto from the technical direktor Nickolay Elchone Aronovich Lissner named Hirschfeld,
 his wife Alexandra Shashe Sara Isaakovna, nee Keilman and their children:
 Mathilda/Malka (later married with Jakob Porogovd), Augusta/Guta (later married with July Dribinovich), Ernestine/Tina (later married with the merchant Bernhard Friedmann) with Leonhard/Leo (later a dentist in Moscow), Victor (later a chemistry, later married with Anna Danziger) and
Robert ( later a greatmerchant, owner of a kork factory in Latvia), Riga ca. 1880.

Nikolai Lissner-Hirschfeld and Alexandra Lissner-Hirschfeld, nee Keilmann, Riga 1900

Charlotte/Slatte ( nee 1842 in Riga, married March 26 1867 with the teacher Hermann Mendelsohn from Mitau, dies ?)
Caroline /Kreine ( nee 1844 in Riga, married June 10, 1873 in Riga with Aron/Alexander Natal Hollender, dies ? ) 
- Adelheide/Eide (b. 1836 in Riga, babtised?, d.?)
Chaie/Chaje (b. 1838, d. 1838)
Moses (b. 1847 in Riga, worked as a teacher in Ragsa, married 1866 in Riga with Scharlotta Speyer, emigration 1882 to the USA, d.?). 

Dr. med. Philipp Isaak Keilmann worked as a surgeon and practicak doctor in Riga. He lived and worked into the Moscow suburb. He was a councillor of state and knight and also a kahalsman. He worked as an official for jewish affairs in Riga. His children with his first wife were:

- The dentist and honourabel citizen Isidor/Sidor Isaak Noak Philipp Keilmann ( nee Sept. 19, 1856 in Riga. Suicide on April 20, 1942 in Riga; married in Riga Apr. 6, 1886 with his cousin Eugenie Jakobovna Kantorowitz).

Isidor Philipp Keilmann as a memder of
the student corps Concordia Rigensis, Riga 1878.
He was student at the Polytechnicum Riga and at the Univerity of Dorpat.

Isidor Philipp Keilmann, Riga 1925 

- Johanna/Hanna Olga Keilmann ( nee April 30, 1858( Birth record. Page12) in Riga, dies April 19, 1919 in Riga ).

Johanna/Hanna Olga Keilmann

Lidia Lea Keilmann ( nee Sept. 12, 1860 in Riga( Birth record. Page 22)  , dies January 7, 1863 in Riga( Death record. Page 5 ).
Alexandra Keilmann ( nee February 11, 1862 in Riga( Birth record. Page 9) , dies August 8, 1862 in Riga( Death record. Page 17  )
- The gynägologist sand hounorable citizen Dr. med. Alexander Philipovitsch Keilmann ( nee July 12, 1863 in Riga( Birth record. Page 26) , dies Dec. 24, 1919 in Stettin ).

Alexander Keilmann birth certificate.
" On July 12, 1863, Alexander Keilmann was born to the doctor. med Philipp Keilman and Hode- Jette, née Kretshman.
Circumcision on July

 Alexander Philipp Keilmann was a member of the student corps Fraternitas Rigensis, Dorpat 1885. Alexander Keilmann was later a famous gynecologist in Riga. He was Head of Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the city hospital of Riga and was an owner of a Private Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Riga. He got the titels hounorable citizen, from the University of Dorpat/Tartu the titel  Dr. med. and from the Univerity of Breslau/Wrozlaw the titel privat lecturer/Privatdozent

Alexander Philipp Keilmann as a member of the
 student corps Fraternitas Rigensis, Dorpat 1885

Picture of the Privat Lecture Dr. med. Alexander Philipp Keilman, painted by Theodor Kraus, Riga 1918

Victoria Henriette Keilmann ( nee June 15, 1866 in Riga.
Her first husband was the med. doctor Wilhem/ Benjamin- Vulf, born in ca 1862 to Moritz/ Movsha- Ovsei Levensohn. They divorced on March 3, 1888.( source)
She married on April 5 1891 with David Motel Izakowitz from Friedrichstadt, dies April 2, 1893 in Riga. They had a daughter named Lydia Rosalia Isakowitz. David and Lydia Isakowitz emigrated to the USA in 1896).

Victoria Keilmann birth cetificate.
" On June 15, 1866, Victoria- Henriette was born to the doctor Phillip Keilmann and Jetta Kretshman from Mitau"

Children of Isidor and Eugenie Keilmann:

- Robert Dupuis's grandfather,  the pädiatrican Dr. med. Nikolai Alexander Isidorowitsch Keilmann ( nee July 24, 1896 in Riga, babtised into the reformed church in Riga 1896,  killed on March 30, 1942 in the KZ Stutthof/Danzig ).

Dr.med. Nikolai Alexander Sidorovich Keilmann as an emigrant in Bern/Swiss in1936
 and a sculpture of him made by his sister Harriet Ellen von Rathlef-Keilmann in 1915/ 1916

- The sculptor Harriet Ellen von Rathlef-Keilmann ( nee Dec. 22, 1886 in Riga, dies May 1, 1933 in Berlin ).
The sculptor Harriet Ellen von Rathlef-Keilmann.

Harriet Keilmann birth certificate
" On December 22, 1886 Harriet was born to the dentist Isidore Pilippovich Keilmann and
 Evguenia( Eugenie) Jakovlena"

From left to right: Nikolai Alexander Sidorovich Keilmann, Paul Otto Sidorovich Keilmann and
Harriet Ellen Siderovna Keilmann, Riga 1904

Harriet Ellen Siderovna Keilmann,
sculpting" Mädchen mit Ball"( " Girl with ball") in wood. 1932

The sculptor Rathlef-Keilmann in her last atelier in Berlin,
 at the address 'An der Apostelkirche 14', in the year 1932.
( source)

Harriet Ellen von Rathlef-Keilmann became a major proponent of Anna Anderson's claim to be Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. She befriended the claimant and wrote a series of articles about her.( source)

- The merchant Paul Otto Keilmann ( nee April 28, 1888 in Riga, dies 1940 in Riga ).

Paul Keilmann birth certificate
" On april 28,1888 Pavel( Paul) was born to the dentist Isidore Philippovich Keilmann and Evgeunia Jakovlevna.
Circumcision on May 8."

 Paul Sidorovich Keilman ( married 28.5.1909 in the lutheric St. Peters-Church in Riga with Alide Anna Bertha Wilson, b 23.12.1882; Paul Keilmann died in Riga, 9.5.1940. they had three children: Gerta Auguste Paula Kreilmann, nee 2.4.1910 in Riga, d. 4.5.1971 in Kew, Australia; Hans Keilmann, b. 26.6.1914 in Riga, d. 25.3.1977 in Kensington, Australia;  Karina Ortrud Keilmann, b. 16.7.1917 in Petrograd, Russia, d. in Belgium)

Passportpicture from Paul Keilmann, Riga 1921.  Alide Keilmann.1950 Antwerpen. Gerta, Hans and Karina Keilmann, Riga 1924

Robert Dupuis's great great grandfather was secretly baptized in 1894 in Koenigsberg/Eastprussia( now Kaliningrad) in the Protestant Reformed church (Burgkirche). His wife Eugenie got the baptism with their children, Harriet and Paul in 1896 also in Koenigsberg/Eastprussia. Isidor goes the secretly babtising cause of to the anti-Semitic policies in Russia and the numerous pogroms.
Familie and his relatives should not notice the baptism. He could be registered with the baptismal certificate in the registry of the German.

The dentist Eugenie Jakobovna Keilmann, nee Kantorowitz. Riga 1889 and 1910

Family meeting in Riga: from left to right Eugenie Jakobovna Keilmann, nee Kantorowitz with her little daughter Harriet (sitting in the front) and her parents the railway official Jakob Davidov Kantorowitz and Wilhelmine (Minne Mindel) Isaakovna Kantorowitz, nee Keilmann, Wilhelmines sister Alexandra Hirschfeld-Lissner with her three daughters Mathilde, Ernestine and Auguste Hirschfeld-Lissner, Riga 1890

 * Dr Philipp Keilmann's second wife was  Hulde bat Julius Hirsch from Memel, They married on August 27, 1887 in Riga( Marriage record. Page 45)

Marriage record of Dr Philipp and Hulde,
 the daughter of Julius Hirsh on August 27, 1887.
Hulde was 33 years old.

From left to right: Hulda bat Julius Keilman, nee
Hirsch, Dr. Philipp Keilman and their children Maria Margareta and Daniel
Egon, Riga 1896

Philipp and Hulde Keilman had children:
                    - Daniel- Egon
                    - Maria Margareta, who married Prof. Dr. med Herrmann Josephi.

Dr Philipp Isaak Keilman died on April 18,1903 in Riga.

Dr. Philipp Keilman death record( Raduraksti. Page 26)
" On april 18,1903 the councillor of state, Dr. med Philipp Izakovich Keilman died of a
blood disease at the age of 74".

Photos and info submitted by Robert Dupuis, Dr Philipp Isaak Keilmann's great-great-greatgrandson. Germany
Done in November 2012 by Christine Usdin